Why choose headless

To tempt today’s demanding consumer, marketers and developers are now creating entirely custom dynamic digital experiences. When comparing these hyper-personalized customer experiences to a static webpage, it is like the difference between a Tesla and a Ford Model T. And that brings us to the problem: a traditional CMS or DXP (digital experience platform) lacks the flexibility you need to satisfy a demanding public by quickly capitalizing on digital innovations.

The opportunity (growth in e-commerce), the threat (shifting consumer demand), and the problem (traditional solutions no longer suffice) are clear. But what is the solution? It could very well be headless.

The many benefits of headless

With headless, you are no longer bound by a single integrated platform. Instead, you choose the best of breed for what you need and let these cloud services (SaaS) communicate via APIs. Website visitors and other users are blissfully unaware: they are offered a rich, personalized experience across all channels, just the same as with a DXP.

  • A headless solution has no central CMSYou are not bound to a single central platform.
  • Deliver content across any channelIncluding smartphones, VR, smart televisions, games consoles, and wearables.
  • There is a central point to manage contentYour staff will not have to make any sacrifices when it comes to ease of use.
  • Developers have free rein in terms of technology options. Opting for the best tech to achieve optimal Core Web Vitals is the obvious choice.

Since a headless solution works with cloud services, you have significantly less in-house infrastructure to look after. Say goodbye to time-consuming maintenance and unpredictable CMS upgrades.

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