Core Web Vitals by Google

Google Core Web Vitals are the new standard for measuring how users experience your website or online application. These quality markers make it possible to score, optimize, and continually monitor user experience in relation to:

  • PerformanceThese checks ensure that your page is optimized for users to be able to see and interact with page content.
  • Best practicesThese checks highlight opportunities to improve the overall code health of your web app.
  • SEOThese checks ensure that your page is optimized for search engine results ranking.

High scores in these areas contribute to ranking and findability on Google. In addition, you increase the likelihood of visitors being active for longer on your website, which means higher sales and more leads.

Boosting your web vitals

Besides the impact your web vitals have on your success with search engines, there’s another high value reason to boost your performance. As customers are used to quickly responding websites and consistent user experiences wherever they encounter your brand, your performance is extremely important to your users too.

Chances are that your visitors leave if they need to wait longer than 2 seconds for your page to load and switch to the better performing website of your competitor. In fact, Deloitte published a paper: “Milliseconds make Millions” to underline the importance of a fast loading page. Increasing your page speed with just 0,1 second leads to an average improvement in conversion of 10%!

Benchmark results

We have developed an incremental approach to boosting your website performance. By focusing on the three most important pages and rebuilding them in a headless environment, we are able to create stellar results:

  • 40% increase in revenue for Leisure
  • 35% increase in conversion rates for Fashion
  • 90+ performance values for Retail and Beauty

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